Paulette Musselman

Hello Beloveds, In the month of November, we are going to revisit the words God has spoken over YOU as part of this sisterhood of fellowship. Refresh your heart with these words, and revisit this blog because 2023 is not over yet. SISTERS, let’s stay Thankful and Grateful together.

You, SISTER, are more VALUABLE than GOLD. (To GOD and us).
The Value God has placed in You is valuable and needed in this world. Psalm 139: 13-18

You, SISTER, have the Inheritance of JOY!
The Joy that comes from knowing You are Worth dying for! Proverbs 31:25

You, SISTER, are created for and called to Abundance!
The Abundance of the “more” God has for you. John 10:10

Happy Thanksgiving, Lovely Ladies Of Grace.

Value, Abundance, and Joy

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